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Founded in 2006 and driven by the quest for perfection, J.A Uniform is nowhere short of perfection. J.A Uniform has grown rapidly from a young company to a market leading uniform manufacturer and exporter, serving all the major local and international industries. From construction industries, to hospitality, banks, schools, universities, security teams, municipality, bartenders, hostesses, waiters, hospital attire, and many more. We specialize in customizing the best uniforms to suit your needs, brand image, and theme.

It is our vision to be a reliable supplier and exporter by meeting the quality, cost, and delivery expectations of our customers through continuous innovations. At J.A Uniform the cuts, fabrics, embroideries and refined embellishments for garments have set new standards for quality, style and innovation. A hybrid between rich customary styles and uniqueness, the J.A Uniform designer palette consists of uniforms spanning from the traditional to the unconventional.



We produce in three worldwide sectors based on your requested quality preference.
Quality control focuses on the process of producing the product with the intent of eliminating problems that might result in defects, including the operational techniques which sustain quality of the product that will satisfy given needs.
The totality of functions integrated in the determination and achievement of quality.

We work as a unified unit with a unified goal. We deliver quality and elegant designs to gain the satisfaction of our customers and their loyalty!
Approved by ISO / 9001:2015 – LB20/2343045

Safe trading B2B. We provide Uniforms in several styles which fit a personal sense of belonging to a group.
Reduce costs with factory direct sourcing. We ship worldwide!

Customizing an outfit provides a way to represent the company with pride and integrity in front of the community.
We customize all types of uniforms.

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